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Chattacon - Chattacon XXVI - Chattanooga, TN January 12-14, 2001 (MLK Weekend). Simple convention for Science-Fiction Fans. About 1400 of our closest and more literary friends engaged in massive amounts of drinking and partying. Also the only chance most of have to see snow. Our crew "Works" the show as Staff. Primary Department is the Dealers Room, but we are also infested in the Security and Programming and Registration Departments. Not to mention the Board of Directors.

Dragon*Con - Dragon*Con/A.C.E./S.T.A.R.S. 2001 - Atlanta, GA August 31-September 3, 2001. Grandiose MutliMedia Convention with heavy Science-Fiction basis. About 15000 - 25000 overly excited nerds braying about in celebration of the things they thought made them unique (their devotion to science-fiction, movies, music, and skimpy clothing) (all things no one has the heart to tell them are not theirs to claim alone.) We have pervaded this show even more so than any other, since it is our town and we are a core element in the city's fringe elements anyway. We have strong history here with at least one of our "BIG FIVE" having been with the convention since it started in 1987!! We are the Security Department here and have our fingers in the Tech Services, Video, Programming, Registration, and most all other Departments.


ConCat - ConCat 2001 - Knoxville, TN Thanksgiving Weekend 2001. Although we are not as prominent in Knoxville as we were a few years ago, our Knoxville members still are a regular attraction there. ConCat holds a special place in our hearts. As it was the place we "came out of the RHPS closet" together, officially announcing our name and our intent to take over the world (er the RHPS scenes in Atlanta and the South.)

Anime Weekend Atlanta - AWA 7 - Atlanta, GA September 2001. A great Anime show!!!!! Started regional but is growing out of control like a giant tentacled weed (evil grin) to include fans from all over the world!!! It has become unsafe to try to guess next years attendance due to the growth spurt but I will try 4000 for 2001. We are involved here in the Video, Security, Dealers Room, and Programming Departments. This is becoming a growing addiction of our members as more and more become involved. It was from here we spawned the final plans for the Rocke'Mon show this past Thanksgiving weekend.

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Fantasm - Fantasm 2001 - Atlanta, GA April 12-14, 2001. A more adult oriented convention that thrives on the more provocative sides to the science-fiction worlds. From things as mundane as RHPS to true fetishisms and the more tolerable sides of Goth, this show finds us all out at our worst. Here we are fans and have some support roles in staff (so far) and appear as guests.


Magnum Opus Con - MOC 16 - Atlanta, GA March 15-18, 2001. An up and down show that some say has had its run, but we still give it a chance at returning to its old glory. We no longer attend in the masses (hundred or so) we used to, nor do we staff it as we once did. But now we just go for the RHPS and our friends (we never forget them!) It is still a nice party, just a bit bigger than we can fit into our own homes with an occasional guest worth seeing...

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