A returning feature...

A partial list of our fellow casts from around the world.

A partial list of important RHPS sites.

A partial list of missing body parts, and theories on where they went.


As N9 and LPP share a theatre, we share a few members. And a second photographer. Splunge keeps his own pages for his RHPS pics. He is the one I credit on my pages as teh other color thumbs (usually named **rod***.jpg). His pages are here

Atlanta/Marietta GA - Sharing our lovely theatre...(on alternating Saturdays)

Lambda Psi Phi - Most recent reincarnation of the older Lip Sync cast from the early/mid 90s. With many new faces and many older ones. Our partners in crime with many overlapping members and a common prop pool that grows by leaps and bounds... some LPP pics from the N9 camera

Regular pages of LPP pics from N9 camera

Sacramento CA - formerly at Birdcage Cinema...

Under Sedation - Another Cast with the AP dominant concept. Someday a LONG Roadtrip is in order... If they can get a new Theatre .... sorry to hear guys. stick with it...


The Rocky Horror Purity Test (designed by one of our own!!!!!)

One Premiere RHPS link site!

Official RHPS fan club


Cool RHPS Costumes!

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