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We can actually be reached in our native habitats. Some of which are listed below...

The links listed here are the Discussion Groups we are members of and are frequently if not always on. (if you are unfamiliar with what E-groups are visit their site for more info...


E-Groups were assimilated by the Yahoo Collective!!! All existing E-Group subscribers are now being forced to register with Yahoo as well. For those who already have Yahoo accounts this is easy to do (but their servers have been very slow lately as all the new "members" are forced into the system.) For those who don't have Yahoo, the "conversion" is simple but annoying. Just follow the directions on the "conversion page." The links here are now going to reflect the Yahoo Collective. We may keep referring to them as E-Groups (or for those of us older users even OneList or any of the other assimilated group services) due to our habits and our natural abhorrence of Yahoo (but at least it isn't AOL!!!!) Or as we will call them Y-Groups, as we want to now why they did this to us AGAIN.

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This is the Primary Y-Group for fans and friends of N9 to join in with us and chat. From fellow casts at Blackwell to fellow ConGeeks. From RHPS fans world-wide to our new Groupies... This is a PUBLIC Y-Group open for anyone to join... 

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This is the PRIVATE Y-Grope for N9. It is reserved for the many hundreds of N9 running around out there. If someone feels they were overlooked as a member, they may email or petition for entry to the elite chaos of our minds... and whatever else we are offering for the weekend. The link should send a request to the moderator..

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This is the PUBLIC Y-Group for N9 and LPP and the many fans and attendees of the Blackwell Cinema shows. Designed to work as an OPEN forum for all who wish to discuss anything in the casts and the theatre, this group is unmoderated but monitored by the representatives of both casts. Come play with us!

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This is the Y-Group for the Lambda Psi Phi cast that performs at Blackwell. They can also be found at their website. The LPP cast is more of a by-the-book cast than N9 (more the parody and gimmick cast) but is comprised of members almost as long-standing and sometimes even more dedicated than our own. 

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