First a few simple notes: faN9tasm

The Experience that is N9 is far greater than just that of our strong influence on Rocky Horror scenes. We are now and have always been about the openness of thought and expression of beliefs and of self. To this end (and many points between), N9 has often found itself ingrained in the subcultures of the subcultures that it was born from. One great example of the cultures we find our selves in, is the incredible Convention known simply as FANTASM. While most of us are familiar with and are from the Science-Fiction Convention Circuit, there within lies an even more open sub-society. This is the group of freaks and fans who are known to some as the Fetishists and the Experimentalists. Also known by the outside world as everything from Goths to BDSMs to Exhibitionists and Voyeurs. It is the most open of minds that finds itself in the new "free love" and "free expression" movements and the experiences and varieties found within. While N9 as a whole is not necessarily in any of the sub-cliches of the FANTASM Culture, it is as individuals that most all of us can find at least some level of commonality or kinship with these groups.

A full description of what FANTASM is and can be is not readily available, as it is simply everything and anything that someone might want to be, with no fears of rejection, humiliation, or criticism. Very much the same as the definition of N9 itself. While N9 is but a few hundred in its total form (at this time) and only about 90 or so in its most recognized form of Rocky Horror crew, FANTASM finds itself growing faster every year and has in only its third year found itself nearing the 1000 level of attendance!!!
The atmosphere of FANTASM is that of open sexuality and taste. No one is wrong in their thoughts or actions (unless they infringe upon the safety of self of others without consent. This is always wrong!)

N9 respects and salutes our friends of FANTASM and all of its fringes and groups within. These pages of our weekend at FANTASM are meant to entertain and educate the fans we share with FANTASM and to teach the new fans what an open mind really can be about. This is in no way meant as either a sleaze/smut show or as a cheap thrill for the mundane passerby. Nor is it meant to be an endorsement of any specific activities shown within. It is, in fact, simply a fans' view of the show and its elements. While some peoples of lesser minds and closed hearts may find some individual aspects of the convention offensive or distasteful, it is in no way our intent to offend. We simply ask you leave now and not subject your shallow selves to the reality of the world you live in.
Unlike most of the N9 RHPS pages on this site, this page set will include narrative and pictures that might be of a more adult nature than usual. RHPS has become more of a PG13 level in our society over the years as it has loosen up, so no disclaimers are found in those pages. These pages including here showing the unique RHPS show hosted by N9 (and our friends of the Satanic Mechanics) are a bit more graphic than usual and will carry the simple note that it was and is intended as an adult show put on for adults by adults for the purpose of expression of adult themes and ideas.

I hope to include at some point a "tamer version" of the RHPS pics for the site in another page set for those who might find some scenes too harsh. While I personally think everyone should be open to the experiences we had this week, I know some are simply not ready yet. And as I would ask them to respect my choices to attend these shows, I would return the respect and not subject them to the scenes of a more graphic nature that they may not wish to see. The show had enough elements of PG13 level I can post pics for the fans who are not yet ready for the full thing. Respect us and we respect you.

So if you are ready to experience FANTASM through the eyes of N9 ...
Pull up a face, and have a seat!


If you are not yet ready for the full force of the FANTASM experience, but are interested in the RHPS pics ...

(PG-13 rated) Won't you step inside ...
(R rated) Won't you step inside ...


If you are still just getting used to the RHPS experience itself and wish to remain in the atrium of N9's alternative lifestyles ...

Feel free to visit the other pages of RHPS pics on the site ...


If you have reached this page in total error and are fearing for your life or your closed and/or narrow belief system cannot comprehend or handle anything you have read so far ...

Grow the hell up and get a real life. And take your little book with you!



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